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AI Audio Recording

DNN-based audio signal processing technology

MightyWorks' AI Audio Recording allows you to record audio with the highest quality in any situation without any action on your smartphone, DSLR or action camera. You just have to record it.
AI Audio Recording requires only one microphone on your device.

  • Wind Noise Reduction

Wind noise is one of the most annoying sounds when shooting outdoors. This is because the pressure is directly transmitted to the microphone when the wind is heavy. This causes an uncomfortable sound to be recorded.
We solved this problem with a hybrid technology that combines traditional audio signal processing with the latest deep neural network technology.
MightyWork's wind noise reduction solution classifies between wind noise and other sounds, reducing wind noise only. So you have to do is just record without having to turn on or off the wind noise reduction.

  • Dynamic Gain Control

When you record audio with a smartphone or camera, basically you want to record it loud, but you do not want the sound to be distorted in a concert hall or noisy place. Dynamic Sound Recording technology prevents sound distortion by automatically adjusting to the optimal level.

  • Microphone Idle Noise Suppression

When you want to record a specific sound intensively in a very quiet place, for example, when you try to record ASMR, you can hear "sh..." noise when you record with your smartphone. This is the noise from the microphone itself, which lowers your focus on the recording sound. MightyWorks Microphone Idle Noise Suppression technology eliminates idle noise without attenuating other sounds.

  • Audio Scene Analysis

MightyWorks AI technology classifies audio scene such as cafe, street, beach, park and so on and tunes to optimally record audio based on its classification result.

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