In digital images, it is possible that people zoom in a subject to see it larger and in more detail.

In this process, however, sound does not change. Isn't it natural that we want to hear the sound from the zoomed-in subject more clearly and loudly when we record and zoom video images?

MightyWorks' Audio Zoom makes it possible.

Beamforming technology is used for our Audio Zoom. We identify the direction of each sound source by analyzing source signals from two or more microphones. And then we amplify the sound from the desired direction while reducing the sound from the unwanted directions.

LG Optimus G Pro - released in Feburuary 2013 - is the world's first smartphone with Audio Zoom, which adopts the patented technology of MightyWorks. More recently released LG G2 features more improved Audio Zoom taking advantage of our MightyWorks' technology.

Devices adopting MightyWorks' Audio Zoom technology :

G Pro                                         GV                                       GK                                       G2
Vu3                                         G Flex                                       GX                                       G Pro 2

The Audio Zoom feature can be used not only in a recording mode, but also in a playing mode. This enables hearing sound/voice in real-time from a selected subject, simply by touching the screen and tuning the source direction.

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