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Speech Recognition Enhancer™

While there are many mobile devices released with speech recognition features, their performances and success rates are far below customers’ expectations.
This is mainly because speech recognition rates fall drastically when ambient noise levels increase. Unfortunately, simple noise cancellation techniques cannot improve the speech recognition rates, since noise cancellation can often times make original speechseverely distorted.
In order to improve the success rate of speech recognition, firstly, input speech has to be reinforced, secondly, noise components have to be suppressed, music or prompts from same device have to be cancelled for barge-in, and lastly, distorted and damaged speech features have to be restored.
MightyWorks Speech Recognition Enhancer targets improving the speech recognition performances significantly by tackling each of these three steps.  

MightyWorks Speech Recognition Enhancer™ shows excellent performances in recognition tests.

We demonstrated our technique in a car with 120 km/hour (75 mile/hour) speed. We tested 10 passengers (male 5, female 5). Each tester tried 100 times of speech recognition, and test words were names in the phone book. 

In the charts below, 'Original' indicates the default microphone system, while "MW SRE" denotes our MightyWorks' Speech Recognition Enhancer system which includes twomicrohpones and software algorithm.

The chart 1 shows that when the signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) is good, there is little difference between the two systems.

However, under high-noise conditions (i.e., when SNR is minus), 'Original' shows a drastic drop of recognition rate to 65.9%, while our 'MW SRE' maintains 98.4% the speech recognition rate. This simple test validates the excellent performance of our MW SRE™ technologies, particularly in the high-noise environments. 

We have tested recognition performance in a noisy car environment.

MightyWorks Speech Recognition Enhancer™ made all commands be recognized in any conditions.




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