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SRE™ for Smart Speaker

SRE™, MightyWorks’ pre-processing software for smart speaker, improves recognition success rates in barge-in, far-field and noisy conditions.

  • SRE™ enables you to do speech recognition even when the device is playing music or voice prompts loudly.
  • SRE™'s superb noise suppression lets you do speech recognition even when you are in very noisy environment, such as kitchen and in front of TV.
  • SRE™ detects the direction of your voice and also tracks it, so that improves speech recognition success rates.
  • SRE™ supports 1~8 microphones input.
  • SRE™ can be ported to any kinds of AP if its OS is Linux or Android.

Please see our demo video

If you have any questions about our SRE™ for Smart Speaker, please email to this address.

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