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Voice Solution for TWS earbuds

Voice quality improvement with a accelerometer and microphone

True Wireless Stereo (TWS) is the latest Bluetooth technology, literally enabling a fully wireless stereo earbuds or speakers. In the conventional Bluetooth technology, the earbuds and the smartphone were connected by Bluetooth, so we were able to listen to music, but the each earbuds were connected by a wire. However, the TWS technology has eliminated the wire between the each earbuds. Earbuds with TWS technology are sometimes referred to as TWE(True Wireless Earbuds). This TWE technology is expected to replace all existing wired-earbuds and Bluetooth earbuds, and the market is expected to explode in the future. As a result, there is a growing competition between companies trying to ship TWE, and the companies are trying to create differentiation points.

For example, in addition to simply listening to music, many companies have added features such as recognizing physical activities, supporting voice calls, and recognizing voice commands from users.

An accelerometer is used to count the number of steps or laps when doing activities such as sports. In addition to this physical activity detection, the accelerometer can also transmit the vibration when the user speaks.

This vibration can be used as a voice sound, though its quality is low. However, this sound does not contain any environmental noise and can be a great sound source. And the microphone attached to the outside of the earbud can receive user's voice. This voice is good quality but contains a lot of environmental noise.

When synthesized by processing two sound sources well, only high quality sound without noise can be obtained.

MightyWorks has developed "voice solution for TWS" by applying its own noise suppression and voice processing technologies that have been used in the field for many years.

The high-quality voice thus processed becomes a clearer voice through MightyWork's voice processing technology (2-mic beamforming, noise suppression, etc.).

Moreover, wind noise, which causes a big problem in outdoor activities, is removed through MightyWorks' deep neural net based wind noise reduction technology to provide a higher level of voice quality.

These processed voices can be delivered to a cloud server such as Alexa, Google Assistant, Cortana, etc. via wake word created by MightyWorks' own technology.

In addition, even when making voice calls using Bluetooth, you can transmit clear voice without environmental noise.

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